we believe in ‘learning from the past’ and provide the required tool.

Scarab helps you monitoring your product distribution throughout the web by providing crawled data with high Reliability in the long run.

Our crawlers are trained to track each relevant piece of data required by our customers in each iteration irrespective of any circumstances like changed elements in the web shop distributing the observed product or short-term unavailability of data. Whenever issues described before hands arise, our algorithms recognize those which triggers follow up tasks like repeating the crawl, normalizing the data or informing the customer.

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our mission:
improving data quality

Our aim is to raise the
transparency over all marketing
activities of our customers products
to allow optimization.

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Jan 05 2020, 9:00 am

Today we took Scarab to the next level. We have been running for last one and half year and then had learned many things over this journey. As per our motto "learning from the past" we upgraded many aspects e.g. new crawler infrastructure, more frequent crawling, getting all the amazon sellers automatically. In a nutshell it is an improvement which allows you to "Setup Less and Get More".

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May 01 2019, 7:00 pm

For past one year we were operating from a traditional hosting infrastructure platform. But then due to the large amount of data and processing the upgrade to Cloud was on cards. Today we did that successfully where we migrated all the customers, users and millions of rows of data on the new Cloud Platform.

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