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Major Upgrade Jan 05 2020, 9:00 am

Scarab 2.0 functionality Launch.

We were running Scarab for last one and half year. We learned many things over the entire span of this Journey. As per our motto learning from the past we upgraded many aspect. This Article will give you the sneak peak into it.

Price Crawler/Scrapper Upgrade

The new infrastructure and design of the Price Crawler/Scrapper helped us to gather more data intelligently. We fondly call it "Hreshuk". In Sanskrit language, it means, the instrument to dig. Hreshuk digs all the data points with high accuracy and performance. We enhanced Hreshuk and increased the data crawling frequency for each 30 Minutes over all the Amazon and Non-Amazon web shops. We were able to increase the accuracy of our data upto 95%.

Setup Less and Get More

"Setup Less and Get More" is like a dream come true for our end user. This specifically affects Amazon users. For getting prices of given product across different marketplace sellers, earlier our users needed to set different urls per market place seller. But now you just need to set one basic URL and then Hreshuk will give you pricing for all the marketplace sellers automatically. This has reduced the setup by almost 40%.

Other Improvements

With the new release we overhauled our UI design. Made it more faster. We also upgraded the backend database infrastructure and made it more powerful.

On the Cloud | May 01 2019, 7:00 pm

Infrastructure Upgrade from Traditional Hosting to Cloud

We were hosted on the traditional platform but now we upgraded to cloud.

On the Cloud 9!

As a data provider company, we handle a huge amount of data. At certain point in time the traditional hosting architecture becomes difficult to manage due to ever increasing data. So we decided to move on cloud. Cloud architecture provides a strong foundation for making wonders. It is Scalable on demand, it is faster, it gives us more freedom and control.

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Jan 05 2020, 9:00 am

Today we took Scarab to the next level. We have been running for last one and half year and then had learned many things over this journey. As per our motto "learning from the past" we upgraded many aspects e.g. new crawler infrastructure, more frequent crawling, getting all the amazon sellers automatically. In a nutshell it is an improvement which allows you to "Setup Less and Get More".

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May 01 2019, 7:00 pm

For past one year we were operating from a traditional hosting infrastructure platform. But then due to the large amount of data and processing the upgrade to Cloud was on cards. Today we did that successfully where we migrated all the customers, users and millions of rows of data on the new Cloud Platform.

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